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This is a collection of scripts written in awk, make, bash and emacs lisp, serving as a static site generator.

Read this blog post for more information and a general overview.


You'll need these installed to use Mossgreen. If you're on any debian based system chances are you already have them all except emacs.

The GNU implementation is explicitly necessary due to the use of the gensub function, which to my knowledge is not available in other versions of awk.
Used for syntax highlighting, any version from the last decade should be fine.
Any version
Any version

How to Use

  1. Download (size: 55K)
  2. Extract the archive (tar xzf mossgreen.tar.gz)
  3. Navigate to the directory and build (cd mossgreen; make)
    This will build the example site in the mossgreen/prod directory. Use a local http server (e.g. simple-httpd.el) to take a look at the example.
  4. Hack away. The code is public domain and contains plenty of comments and examples. If you have any questions or need help feel free to contact me.


A public git repo is available at

After installation you can use this repo to update Mossgreen as follows:

git remote add origin
git pull origin main

This shouldn't conflict with local commits you make for your website as the repo only tracks the scripts directory and not site content.

Latest Commits

Commit: e5b1aab8540de36ef7197e8de455c507e4712a07
Author: monodev <>
Date:   Sun Apr 7 18:57:45 2024

export.awk: Implement inline export escape via backticks

Commit: 33c75347d7de6255f5efb6e2265092ed21d2be3d
Author: monodev <>
Date:   Mon Apr 1 23:04:36 2024

export.awk: Alter string replacement method in translate_links

Commit: 089a8212751e7a5259f83e57c9436768c3ece83f
Author: monodev <>
Date:   Tue Mar 26 23:31:51 2024

export.awk: Apply text effects in definition lists

Commit: 55e9921e48139eb7a65747c4e201727d798c39e7
Author: monodev <>
Date:   Sun Mar 17 00:09:43 2024

export.awk: Modify text effect application

Commit: 748a9beb5d031de3dc749ffd6130af120f8262ed
Author: monodev <>
Date:   Sat Mar 16 23:26:30 2024

export.awk: Fix inline-code markup error